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The stress of moving is real, and it takes a team of professional removalists in Brisbane to leave you burden-free in the process. While you gather all your belongings for easier access, hire expert cheap removalists in Brisbane to provide you with professional and reliable packaging of your goods.

Since you can’t afford to choose a mediocre company, hire only the leading removalist company in Brisbane– Happy Removals to deliver your belongings to your desired location with zero damage. From office moving to house removals in Brisbane, our team of packers and movers are equipped with the best tools and a wealth of experience, allowing them to transport your goods in good condition.


  • A professional and trustworthy removal company in Brisbane like Happy Removals follows a few in-house codes of professionalism which enable us always to serve you well.

    • Timely arrival and delivery
    • The packaging is done with premium quality packaging material
    • A wealth of experience in the industry
    • Specialisation in both residential and commercial removals
    • Insured services
    • Extra caution is administered for desired delivery
    • Client satisfaction above all
    • Storage service available
    • Affordable pricing
    • 100% guaranteed satisfaction

    When hiring office cheap removalists in Brisbane such as Happy Removals, make sure that you take a look at the client testimonials. That’s how you’ll be equipped with the information that is necessary to help you make an informed decision. To learn more about how we can be your best bet at commercial and house removals in Brisbane, dial 07 32776059 now!


  • Will you entrust your fine china and expensive furniture pieces to a team of newbie cheap removalists in Brisbane? If yes, then for what? Low prices? There are specific tasks which yield excellent results only when left to the industry professionals’ discretion, and house removals in Brisbane are no exception.

    At Happy Removals, we have been working in favour of Brisbane residents since 2002 and strive to touch higher milestones. We specialise in interstate removals from Sydney to Brisbane and have the best equipment to ensure your goods’ safety. In case of an accident, our insurance will cover the damage for you.

    Whether you need to get the stuff picked up from your residential property or your commercial warehouse, our experts will be on time for the pickup!


Do you want to get your furniture and fragile items removed without worrying about the state in which they will be delivered? If that’s a big yes, then contact Happy Removals for a happy service. Our cheap removalists in Brisbane focus on ensuring complete customer satisfaction without making customers pay a hefty price for the same.

We operate primarily in Brisbane, and it’s neighbouring areas. The trucks used to carry and transport your stuff are regularly serviced to minimise the chances of breakdowns on the way. Our efficient local removalists in Brisbane are known for their punctuality and professionalism and we assure you that as our next happy customer you will be enjoying it all.

Waste no more time, and block our dates for your move before someone else does!


Do you know what is one of the many things that makes Happy Removals a happy and preferred choice for house removals in Brisbane? Our zeal to curate a bespoke moving plan which is based on your needs and concerns. From the time of the pickup to the special care in packaging, we will take care of everything from the start till the end while you take a breather.

Our experience helps us wind up the job with perfection within the deadline, thus giving you ample time to settle down in the new locality. With us by your side, you won’t have to worry about a damaged sofa set or a broken precious vase!

Hire our talented furniture removalists in Brisbane to your aid and enjoy a stress-free move process.


  • Happy Removals is based out of Brisbane. Our house and office removal services in Brisbane also extend to all the neighbouring areas. We are the premier removalist choice in Brisbane, thanks to our experts at work and aim to deliver a smooth service experience for all our clients.


  • The real estate prices in Brisbane make it a better choice from a property purchase point of view as compared to Sydney.
  • A northern view of the city is more valued as compared to the southern view.
  • City plan offers tons of insights that any visitor planning to purchase in Brisbane should be aware of. Think of it as your best property buying buddy.
  • Checking the flood zones is essential if you don’t want to end up repenting on your purchase.

Brisbane’s Cheap Removalist

Moving your stuff to your new home or office from your old one can be a tricky and humongous task. Plus, it’s important to ensure that all your belongings are safely and comfortably removed and transferred to the new spot. Indeed, the job can get you worried. However, that’s not the end of the world.

Happy Removal is one among leading removalists in Brisbane. With a highly professional and trained staff and safe & effective removal techniques, we make sure that our customers’ home/office removal needs are satisfactorily fulfilled.

The best part is that our services are reasonably priced, so you won’t have to worry about spending a lot of money.

Your Local Removalist In Brisbane

If you have a removal requirement lined up in front of you, for convenient and safe removal, it’d be best to trust the best removalist in Brisbane. Happy Removal is one of the top removal companies in Brisbane. Our prices are low, our service is best-in-class, our staff is professional & trained, and we hold valuable experience.

All of these factors combine and enable us to deliver seamless removal services for home and office removal requirements in Brisbane.

For more details, give us a call today.

House Removal Services in Brisbane

Are you looking for dependable removalists in Brisbane that can guarantee your complete gratification? We understand how stressful travelling can be, which is why we do all we can to make the transition as stress-free as feasible.

You will be happy to discover Happy Removal. We aim to bring a smile to your face.

If you hire us, the fact that you’re working with a firm of over 19 years of experience with a reputation for being Brisbane’s most trustworthy removalists is sure to comfort you. We offer a variety of moving services. Do contact us to determine the right service for your needs and budget.

One of the Best Office Furniture Removalists in Brisbane.

Moving an office is the most important and difficult job when it comes to relocation. Do you know why? With a straight face, we want to tell you that the moving costs, the time it takes, the risk of injuries, and so on will all have a direct impact on your company! Moving an office is vastly different from moving home because the scale and amount of freight handled are enormous.

We are the office removalists in Brisbane who you can trust for commercial removals.
We will assure you that all of your possessions will be moved in a safe and organised way. Our staff has the requisite skills and tools to transport a wide range of office supplies, including electrical items and large furnishings.

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As you would expect, the most reliable furniture removalists will provide you with a quote on the phone or online. In general, a two-bedroom unit or house that takes 4-6 hours to travel with two movers and a truck would cost between $585 and $845.

If your home has more than one floor, your fees will rise by 20 per cent to 30 per cent.

To give an estimated size of trucks is difficult as no one-bedroom or two-bedroom apartment has the same dimension or number of furniture and belongings. You may have a two-bedroom with minimal furniture, or you may have a two bedroom and extreme belongings. However, here are some standard sizes that you can follow. However, only a removalist can provide you with an estimate after they take account of the number of belongings you have

10-16 ft: 1-bed apartment

12-22 ft: 2-room apartment

16-22 ft: three-room dwelling

22-26 ft: 5-room house

Professional House & Office Furniture Removalists in Brisbane Southside

We are equipped with experienced and professional Brisbane removalists. We have a hectare of land allowing us to act as a depot for containers.
We are located in Acacia Ridge, the centre south of Brisbane.


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We have full insurance to cover your moving.


  • I have been so happy with Happy Removal. They provided me with an excellent competitive quote after checking with other removalists. I will use them again in the future or highly recommend anyone to use this company when they are moving.

    John and Megan

  • Very professional and the prices are competitive and reasonable. they handled all furniture with care and they are on time, professional and friendly. I will recommend Happy Removal to anyone.

    Scott and Lisa