4 Things you need to know before Moving to Brisbane, Australia!


A wild attraction of students from all across the world has grown bigger for Australia because of the broad spectrum of education advantages and many opportunities. Brisbane, the capital city of the big state of Queensland, has attracted many students and tourists with many field views, farmer’s markets, and serene beaches. 

If you are planning to move to Brisbane soon for higher studies or just for a change of scenery, here take a look at 5 essential things you need to know before moving to Brisbane, Australia.

  • Grab a “go” Card

Brisbane’s integrated system of public transport is through TransLink. To use public transport, you need to get a “go” card and use it by tapping on and off your Translink service in Brisbane and neighboring regions. 

You can easily top up your card online over your phone, at the bus and train stations, and even at over 1,500 retailers in the region. However, Professional Removalist in Brisbane can help take the burden out of your shoulder with its committed and highly trusted team of professional packers. 

  • Use the Push button to exit the Train

Trains in Brisbane are a great way of conveyance. The only thing that throws the newbies off the hook is that the trains have a push button on the inside of the coaches that you must push to exit the Train. It confuses most newcomers, but hopefully, it will not confuse you.

  • Plan your travels smartly

Brisbane is a calm and serene place to live; however, if you ever want to wander the country, an early head for you would be to plan your travel accordingly as the state of Queensland in itself is nearly 5 times bigger than the whole of Germany. 

Furthermore, Sydney is more than 1,000 kilometers away from Brissie, so plan your journey smartly by adequately considering the travel time and urgency.

  • Choose Market Shopping for Fresh Delights

The best way to buy not only fresh but cheap farm produce is at the weekend markets, where most of the local crowd shop. From farm-to-table healthy products at a bargain price, put your cloth bags and comfy clothes to go out on a hunt. Northey Street, Cleveland Market, Nundah Farmers, Artisan Markets, Rocklea Markets, and many other markets are there to let you taste the freshness nowhere else to find.

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Happy Removals

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