Interstate moving means hours of travelling with your precious belongings. If you are planning such a move and still haven’t figured out the perfect removalists, then Happy Removals is here to save the day for you!

With over 18 years of experience and a knack for excellence, we excel at carefully packaging all your commercial or residential stuff, followed by safe transportation. We make a stressful process like interstate moving as simple and hassle-free as possible for you. 

Whether you are moving from Brisbane or to it, we will curate a customised moving plan for you, specific to your needs. Well, what are you waiting for? Dial 07 32776059 to secure your date for the move right away!

Our Brisbane Interstate Removal Services

Competitive quoting, guaranteed client satisfaction and concern with the client’s needs are some of the many reasons that make Happy Removals a happy choice for your move. We believe in the power of word of mouth, which has helped flourish our business and made us a top referred Brisbane removal service.

Whether it’s your commercial setup such as desktop monitors and printers or your residential furniture and valuable items, be assured that all of it is safe with us. Our dedicated team of packers uses the best packaging material in the business to ensure your stuff’s safety on an unkempt road.

Also, our professionals are humble, courteous and empathetic to your issues which allows them to make quick changes to the plan on the spot, if necessary.

Your Local Interstate Movers in Brisbane

Say goodbye to all your house or office relocation requirements by hiring Happy Removal, the best local interstate movers company in Brisbane. We understand that packing and moving is a task that deserves attention and precautions for safety. To ensure a top-level moving service, we hire only the most qualified and experienced professionals, and use the safest techniques to comfortably transfer our customers’ belongings.

Whether you need to move your belongings to a neighbouring state or on the opposite end of the country, we will create a customized moving plan and help you safely move everything, keeping worries aside.

Our years of experience and the best-in-class service has helped us earn a good reputation and build a happy customer base.

Brisbane Interstate Removal Specialist

Hiring a qualified interstate removal specialist is crucial to ensure a safe relocation of your belongings. Whether you are moving houses or shifting into your new office in another state, an interstate removal specialist will take away the headaches of relocation.

For that matter, Happy Removal is among the leading interstate removal specialists in Brisbane and surrounding areas. From your most expensive instruments to the oldest furniture in your home, our interstate removal services are safe and fit for all your belongings.

To ensure the convenience of our customers, we make sure that our services are quick, clean and hassle-free. Also, our prices are reasonable, so they won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

For more details, give us a call today.

Why Choose Happy Removals Brisbane Interstate Removalists

Happy Removals focuses on client satisfaction and keeps their mental peace above all. We are familiar with the interstate routes, excel at packing, and have a well-maintained fleet which can carry your belongings safely to the new destination.

In case you don’t want all your stuff in the new property, we will be happy to offer you our storage services for safekeeping of your belongings. We have two warehouses which are laced with excellent security systems and easy accessibility for the owner of the stuff only.

As a local removal company in Brisbane, we enjoy the advantage of understanding the client’s needs better than any of our competitors. Since you already have a move scheduled, waste no more time and hire the leading choice for commercial and residential removals today!


The best way to move interstate economically is to move by yourself. This sounds easy, but it is far from being easy. Moving by yourself means bracing your belongings by yourself, loading them in a truck which you need to lease by yourself. You can borrow a truck that can save you coins. You then have to drive to your new location and offload and unpack yourself, which is a bit too much when you are not familiar with moving or have never relocated in the past. The best thing you can do is hire an interstate mover within your budget and let them take the weight off your shoulders

The best way to move interstate is to do your homework beforehand. Try moving when people move less. Avoid moving just during the school or college sessions when prices will be inflated; opt for the quieter months. Choose a moving company that provides you with the best prices. Compare the quotes of at least five moving companies before you decide on the right one. Always see the credentials of the moving company before you zero down on one. It is necessary, rather crucial for moving is no easy task.

Based on interstate removals we have done, relocating on the average interstate will cost you between $2,600 and $5,850 for a three-bedroom property.

Mind you that these are just the average cost as furniture like bigger king beds or a piano or a huge l shaped lounge and more do take more charges due to their weight and the space they consume.