How Much Time Do You Need To Pack For A Move? Learn From The Experts


Packing can indeed take up a lot of time, but identifying the exact amount of time needed for the same can be difficult. When homeowners try to make assumptions based on the overall size of their home, other factors also come into play, such as the amount of stuff you need to pack and how many people are helping you in the packing process. Thus, it’s difficult to provide a definitive answer.

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However, we’re going to provide you with every bit of information you need to know about packing before a move so that you can generate a rough idea of the time that you might need for the packing process.

Factors That Can Affect The Time You Need To Pack For Your Move

  • The Size Of Your Home

According to a cheap removalist in Brisbane, you have to plan on spending one day for each room of your home, for packing. For instance, if you live in a small apartment that has only one room, it will only need you one day to pack all your belongings. In case you live in a two-bedroom suite, then it will take you two to three days to pack (based on the size of the bedrooms). You can add one or two days if you’re packing your move for the first time.

When you decide to calculate the number of days you’ll need to pack, remember to include that you’ll only spend 8 hours of each day packing. This means that if you estimate that the packing time will take you two days, the total allotted time in hours should be 16 hours.

Furthermore, you have to account for the size of the rooms. A three-bedroom suite spanning across 1,200 sq ft will always require less time to pack than a three-bedroom space spanning across 2,400 sq ft. Larger bedrooms will have more items to be packed, which adds to the total time.

  • The Contents Of Your Home

It’s common sense that if you have more content inside your home, then it will take more time for you to complete the packing process. The lifestyle you follow will play a major factor in your packing process. For example, if you’re minimalistic, then you’ll have less stuff to pack. However, if you’re a collector or a huge shopper, then the number of items to pack will drastically increase.

Regardless of what lifestyle you follow, you should consider downsizing your belongings. According to professional removalists in Brisbane, you can proceed to sell, trash or donate the items that you don’t need anymore, which will surely reduce the time you need for packing.

Time is money. The more efficient you’ll be in your packing process, the faster you’ll be able to complete it.