Finally, got a new house? Congrats! Oh, wait! Are you worried about the big shifting day? When it comes to shifting homes, the majority of people have no choice but to hire a removal firm. It makes sense to hire experts when there is so much big and cumbersome furniture in addition to those valuable and priceless belongings. After all, you’ll have plenty of other tasks to complete that day.

However, how do you choose a reliable and cheap removalist in Brisbane? Should you consider more than just the price or a friend’s recommendation when selecting a service provider? Read the blog to find out:

  •       Homework: The first step is to have an understanding of what you need to relocate before contacting any companies for an estimate. You’ll need to have a rough sense of how much stuff you’re bringing to your new home and whether you’ll be storing any of it temporarily. Make a list of the large, expensive, and fragile items in each room of your home that you take with you when you move, and then try to estimate how many boxes you will need to pack up all the smaller items.
  •       Research online: Once you’ve made your lists of the things you’re moving and where they’re going, go online and search for local moving companies. Additionally, if you’re relocating, look into those in your new postcode’s area. The internet has made selecting a good company even more straightforward than before, and several comparison sites will give you a detailed review of each company.
  •       Reviews and Testimonials: Finding out what their customers think is one of the finest methods to determine how good any company is, especially those in the removals industry. Do your research and read any reviews or testimonials a removals company may have before choosing them; doing so will provide you with an easy, transparent way to determine the calibre of service and customer care the business offers.
  •       Free pre-move survey service: House moving in Brisbane can be tricky. Before your moving day, your removal company should visit your house for a free assessment and binding quote. By doing this, they can gauge the number of things that need to be relocated and check if any access issues are associated with the property. Make sure you are honest about the number of belongings you intend to move so that the moving company is prepared on your moving day.
  •       Packing boxes: Moving companies can lend you packing boxes, which saves you a significant amount of money. Additionally, you should find out if they offer a service to disassemble and reassemble flat-pack furniture and unplumb appliances like washing machines and dishwashers.
  •       Delay policy: Make sure to inquire about their delay policy. Some moving companies charge more for every hour of delay, which is frequently out of your control, especially if you’re holding out for word from your lawyer that the sale of your property has been finalised.

·       Insurance: In order to ensure that your belongings will be insured and to determine whether you need to secure additional insurance via your insurance provider, it is a good idea to inquire about the level of insurance each potential removal company has for goods in transit.